McCain Engineering
Corporate Telephone: 205-663-0123
Jackson, Mississippi: 601-969-5111
Mobile, Alabama: 251-460-0761
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Boiler Repair Services

For over 90 years, McCain specialized in the repair of all commercial/industrial boiler or boiler system in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Our expert technicians can repair boilers from any manufacturer or design. We also provide tube repairs to all types of heat exchangers and tubular vessels. You will appreciate McCain quality.

Key McCain Benefits

R Stamp Certified
  • Single Source For All Boiler System Repairs
  • Around the Clock Emergency Response
  • Temporary Rental Boilers Available for Use During Repairs
  • A.S.M.E. and N.B.B.I. Code Authorized Repair Services
  • Award Winning Safety Record
  • Permanent Staff of Skilled Labor in All Trades

McCain Capabilities

Emergency Response - Our team of professionals is available to assist your facility in a crisis through our around the clock emergency response service. If your plant goes down it can't wait. We make sure that it doesn't have to.

Turn-key Responsibility - We provide professional project management along with in-house experts in pressure vessel, refractory and tubing repair.

Quality Control - A.S.M.E. and National Board Codes, insurance requirements, not to mention overall safety and reliability. Your steam plant is no place to cut corners. We'll make sure your plant receives the quality work that you expect.

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Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile) Boiler Repair Services Georgia (Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta) and Tennessee (Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville) Boiler Repair Services Mississippi (Biloxi, Tupelo, Jackson) and South Carolina (Columbia, Charleston , Myrtle Beach) Boiler Repair Services Louisiana (New Orleans, Baton Rouge) and Florida (Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Orlando) Boiler Repair Services Florida (Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Pensacola) and Arkansas (Little Rock, Fort Smith) Boiler Repair Services Florida (Jacksonville, Pensacola, Orlando, Tallahassee) and Mississippi (Jackson, Biloxi, Tupelo) Boiler Repair Services Kentucky (Frankfort, Bowling Green, Lexington) and Louisiana (Baton Rouge, New Orleans) Boiler Repair Services